A day in the life of DIESTCO

The Following is a day in the life of DIESTCO. All pictures are of employees, the shop or DIESTCO at trade show events. 


                                   ABILITIES EXPO IN SAN JOSE NOVEMBER 21-23 2014


DIESTCO MFG Booth @ Abilities

Expo San Jose 2014


Collin F. attaching a Deluxe Saddle

Bag onto an armrest.


Dan D. stepping up to the plate


Donna W. informing a customer about 




Dan D. mounting Canpoy poles to a

childs wheelchair.


Kyle H. writing up a reciept.


Collin F. looking to make some sales


(from left to right) Donna W. Collin F. and Kyle

H. ready to help customers out.



Shop Pictures

 NE view of shop

NE view of the shop


Alejandro is ready to go!


Dan cutting plastic



More pictures coming soon!