Don't be fooled by claims of "waterproof" covers. Our covers come closer than any other companies' to provide the highest level of water resistance. We carry a complete line of scooter, powerchair and manual wheelchair covers. All covers are available in a light-weight material and in our extremely popular Heavy Duty material. Works great on lifts, or for just storing outside!

Weather Protection:

(more info coming soon)

Ordering the correct cover:

  1. Refer to the sizing chart below to select the correct size and style. At the bottom of every product page (once you click on the cover of your liking), there is a list of scooters that cover would fit. (this list is not completed yet, so your scooter may not be on this list.) Please use that info to help you decide.
  2. Keep in mind what type of transporting lift you are using. This will help you decide which style of cover is needed - Top Slit, Back Slit, 4 Corner or custom.

Using your Cover:

We recommend that when transporting your vehicle to use bungee cords (not provided) to reduce wind chaffing. Also, be sure to tighten draw cord or draw belt at bottom of cover. If your cover is flapping excessively at high speeds, the life of your cover will be greatly reduced. Damage to the cover following misuse is not covered under any warranty. See our Policies page for more info.