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Airtime Watertime® has designed the Floater™, a flotation wetsuit, to offer a totally new level of security, confidence, and freedom to all who wish to enjoy the water.

Airtime Watertime® is a wetsuit company devoted to inspiring human potential. Our mission is to provide people with new ways to enjoy the water, improve our oceans, protect the reefs, and save the environment.

The CrutchPal is a revolutionary new approach to crutch management. With the CrutchPal, the user’s crutches snap together with a convenient clip located on the crutch itself. These clips are universal and can clip onto any crutch to provide a convenient way to store your crutches without having to play pickup sticks. Made with patented high-strength aluminum these clips have a lifetime warranty! More info:

Rainy Day Solutions formed after the “hands free” umbrella holder known as the BrellaBag was invented. The BrellaBag “hands free”  umbrella holder is a patented polyester bag designed to hold an umbrella while giving you the “hands free” ability to do many necessary things that would normally be difficult to do while holding an umbrella.