Airtime Watertime® has designed the Floater™, a flotation suit, to offer a totally new level of security, confidence, and freedom to all who wish to enjoy the water.

The Floater™ was invented with the purpose of keeping the wearer on the surface of the water. All wetsuits may look similar; however, the Floater floats above the rest because of the added buoyancy in the front panel. It is a truly one-of-a-kind experience for those with varying abilities and disabilities.

SafePath Products™ is much more than a ramp manufacturer. We solve vertical rises from 1/2″ to 6″ high with hundreds of product solutions, including Entry LevelLandings™, SafeResidential Ramps™, CourtEdge™ Reducers etc.

Stayn Connectd has created an accessory kit to be used on walkers, wheelchairs, and hospital bed rails to hold photos in view or hold a small clipboard to help keep track of notes.

Kit contains the following:

  • Photo frame to insert family/ pet picture, bringing happy thoughts to work as a motivator for a speedy recovery.
  • Small clipboard for note keeping.
  • Magnetized clip to hold items.