Substance Abuse Assistance
After rigorous vetting, has compiled a list of the 11 Best Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers For Veterans in the U.S.

Mental Health Resources

PTSD Guide
by Nursing Education

Understanding PTSD and the many approaches to its treatment can be overwhelming. That’s why this guide was written and medically reviewed by nurses who have worked with PTSD patients.
Topics covered include:

  • Causes of PTSD
  • Symptoms PTSD patients may experience
  • Specialized care and treatment options, including therapy and medication
  • Supportive services for PTSD
  • Common challenges in PTSD care
  • Additional PTSD resources

Mesothelioma Resources

Countless veterans are currently suffering from life-threatening illnesses that are a result of exposure to asbestos, a material that was commonly used in hundreds of military applications, products, and ships because of its resistance to fire. Veterans who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma even qualify for special benefits from the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs.

Pleural Mesothelioma Center

Donations & Funding Assistance

Here you will find companies that focus on bringing Veterans the most up-to-date information on news, programs and services.

Disabled American Veterans
National Headquarters – 3725 Alexandria Pike
Cold Springs, KY 41076

Paralyzed Veterans of America
National Headquarters – 801 Eighteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006-3517

Veterans of Foreign Wars
National Headquarters – 406 West 34th st.
Kansas City, MO 64111
1-816-756-3390 x6318

Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of California
9136 Elk Grove Blvd.,
Elk Grove, CA 95624

Employment Assistance

In this section, you’ll find important information on people and organizations to help you with employment. Below are links to those organizations or people to help you get employed.

Ryan Rogers
Local Veterans Employment Representative
Employment Development Department
1114 Yuba Street
Marysville, CA 95901
530-749-4891 (work)
530-741-4200 (Fax)

Abilities Expo

Abilities Expo is a series of free, three-day events featuring products, services, workshops and activities for people with disabilities.


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