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DIESTCO MFG has the largest selection of scooter covers in the industry, all MADE IN THE USA. Don’t be fooled by claims of “waterproof” covers. Our covers come closer than any other company to provide the highest level of water resistance. They are durable and built to last…taking extra measures to protect your vehicle from rain damage with all seams sewn capped with binding tape.

See our Scooter Cover Sizing Chart or look up your make and model to help you determine what size cover you need. (We try to keep this list as comprehensive as possible, but please know that your vehicle might not be listed… in this case please refer to the sizing chart)

Scooter Cover Sizing Chart by Dimensions

Match Your Scooter Make and Model to Cover Size


NOTE: Covers are not intended for highway use without securing devices such as ropes or bungee cords over the top of the cover (rope/cords not included). This will reduce the amount of excess room under the cover and prevent the cover from billowing up at high speeds. If your cover is flapping excessively at high speeds, the life of the cover will be greatly reduced. Damage to your cover following misuse is not covered under any warranty. See our Policies page for more info.

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